Idea Chain, the Expressive 2015 Arts Exhibition

Featured Artist

Rebecca Ruige Xu:

  • “when leaving becomes arriving”, 2015, visual music projection
  • “perpetual flow”, 2012, artistic data visualization
  • “anatomy of a poem”, 2012, visual music projection
  • “out of statistics: beyond legal”, 2008, digital prints on silk

Additional Artists

Emilio Vavarella:
“Report a Problem”, 2012, single channel video projection

Görkem Özdemir:
“Portal”, 2015, live performance for laser and sound

Angus Forbes:
“Coming or Going”, 2014, procedurally generated animation and drums

Artist Talks

Rebecca Ruige Xu:
“Artistic Data Visualization”

Emilio Vavarella:
“The Google Trilogy”

Elif Ayiter:
"A Fashion Design Practice in the Metaverse”