Posters with Demos

Expressing an Immersive Experience of the Labyrinthe de Versailles
Copper Giloth

Computationally Modelling Movement Qualities
Matt Lockyer and Lyn Bartram

Pic2Comic – Interactive Caricatures on Mobile Devices
Sebastian Pasewaldt


Painting with Flowsnakes
Brian Wyvill

Posters (without Demos)

Art Directed Rendering & Shading Using Control Images
Ergun Akleman, Siran Liu, Donald House

Background-adaptive Stylized Photo Booth for Chinese Water Ink Painting
Chin-Von Lin and Kuo-Hao Chan

Chinese Ink and Brush Painting with Reflections
Siran Liu and Ergun Akleman

Automatic Cartoon Generation by Learning the Style of an Artist
Betül Kuruoğlu Dolu and Fatoş T. Yarman Vural