Conference Program — Sunday, 21 June 2015

Begin End
09:00 11:00 Session 2: Stylization
  • ShipShape: A Drawing Beautification Assistant
    Jakub Fiser, Paul Asente, Daniel Sykora, Long Paper
  • Style-aware robust color transfer
    Hristina Hristova, Olivier Le Meur, Remi Cozot, Kadi Bouatouch, Long Paper
  • Hybrid-Space Localized Stylization Method for View-Dependent Lines Extracted from 3D Models
    Luis Cardona and Suguru Saito, Long Paper
  • Purkinje Images: Conveying Different Content for Different Luminance Adaptations in a Single Image
    Sami Arpa, Journal Paper
11:00 11:20 Coffee
11:20 12:45 Keynote Speaker: Zeki Semir
12:45 14:00 Lunch
14:00 16:10 Session 3: Recognition
  • Semi-Automatic Digital Epigraphy from Images with Normals
    Sema Berkiten, Xinyi Fan, Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Long Paper
  • Drawing Characteristics for Reproducing Traditional Hand-Made Stippling
    Domingo Martín, Vicente del Sol, Celia Romo, Tobias Isenberg, Long Paper
  • SVM-based Sketch Recognition: Which Hyperparameter Interval to Try?
    Kemal Tugrul Yesilbek, Cansu Sen, Serike Cakmak, Metin Sezgin, Short Paper
  • A Combined Junction-Cue Dictionary for Labelling Sketch Drawings with Artistic Shadows and Table-line Cues
    Alexandra Bonnici and Kenneth Camilleri, Short Paper
  • Characterizing the Performance of an Image-Based Recognizer for Planar Mechanical Linkages in Textbook Graphics and Hand-Drawn Sketches
    Matt Eicholtz and Levent Burak Kara, Journal Paper
16:10 16:30 Coffee
16:30 18:30 Posters & Demos
19:00 Social Dinner
(optional, not included in registration)