Registration for Expressive 2016 is through the Eurographics 2016 registration system.

Note that it is possible to register just for Expressive without Eurographics using the same form by not selecting any Eurographics registration option, but just Expressive. Please see the Eurographics website for registration details related to Eurographics.

New (21 April): Partial and full registration subsidies are available for students. Email mtsezgin at with a 300 word proposal explaining why your case should be supported. MS students, junior PhD students and new registrations will be given priority.

The following registration fees apply (in Euro):

Member Non-Member
On or before 17 April
if also attending Eurographics €200 €250 €300 €400
not attending Eurographics €250 €300 €350 €450
Late registration
if also attending Eurographics €250 €300 €350 €450
not attending Eurographics €300 €350 €400 €500

The discounted members’ registration fee applies to both ACM and Eurographics members.